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Take advantage of  25 years of experience and our professional and reliable approach. I can help you with matters relating to fish health examination for movement consent, fish health and welfare, predators or lake productivity. I have taught in further education as well as given talks to local fish hobbyists and fisheries, plus taken part in BBC documentaries, appeared on Screaming Reels, and radio interviews with BBC Radio Kent, BBC RadioEssex, Radio Solent.  I have written popular books and articles on fish keeping and fisheries management and scientific papers.  Current research programmes include an electronic database of freshwater parasites in the UK and molecular identification of dactylogyrid flukes and tapeworms associated with British freshwater fish


Clients include Environment Agency (and formerly National Rivers Authority), Mid Kent Water, South East Water, Thames Water, Wessex Water, Yorkshire Water, RPS, Diageo Ltd, Biffa Ltd, Hampshire CC, Essex Wildlife Trust, Leeds Castle, private businesses, angling clubs and societies. 


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